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Real Estate in Mechanicsville and Richmond Metro Area

Commercial real estate

McCaul Martin, P.C. maintains an active commercial real estate practice in Mechanicsville and the Richmond metro area. We handle a variety of administrative issues as well as represent clients during active litigated disputes:

  • Land acquisition
  • Development loans
  • Zoning & land use
  • Re-zoning matters
  • Commercial leasing & mortgages

A commercial property should logically generate enough capital to keep its primary investors turning a profit through the property’s continual and unobstructed use. Sometimes, however, complicated legalities spring forth to threaten that economic stability and prosperity.

In those times, contact our Richmond real estate attorneys for guidance and creative problem-solving abilities to help you resolve a difficult issue. Each property comes with a unique set of challenges, and we step in with the right balance of legal knowledge and practical application to lead clients through their particular commercial property endeavor.

Residential real estate

Home ownership carries a long-standing commitment to a property, as well as many legal responsibilities. Many homeowners are unaware of the various covenants, land use rights, or title liens that have an effect on their property—until they are in the midst of a dispute.

Our firm works hard to prevent those disputes from ever occurring by working with clients during the home-buying process to ensure that they fully understand what strings may be attached to a specific property. We also assist clients in managing a Mechanicsville residential real estate dispute, whether they are bringing or defending a lawsuit.

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