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Divorce in Richmond Metro Area

Filing for a divorce in Richmond can be as simple as stating that “irreconcilable differences” caused the breakdown of the relationship. There are other times, though, when spouses are not in agreement to divorce, and it gets much more complicated. In either case, our firm provides legal counsel and professional services to help our clients smooth this important transition in their lives. We understand it is not always easy to go your separate ways and we step in with aggressive advocacy to make sure your interests and needs are met during divorce litigation and at settlement.

Child custody support, & visitation

Divorces that involve minor children entail a necessary amount of planning to ensure that children are guaranteed a safe and secure environment after the divorce. This means that divorcing couples have to find some common ground or plead their cases to a judge to institute child custody support, and visitation schedules.

We can help you fight for your parental rights in a court of law or engage in a series of negotiation efforts with your spouse and his or her counsel.

Spousal support & property division

Part of your divorce settlement naturally involves the heavily weighted issues of spousal support and property division. To best serve our clients' needs during this time, we help them understand the big picture of the divorce through the eyes of the law:

  • Which spouse makes the most money?
  • Which spouse will suffer most economically after the divorce?
  • How long was the couple married?
  • What are the circumstances of the divorce?
  • What are each spouse’s capabilities to support themselves?
  • What personal assets and debts does each spouse hold?

Courts look at a composite picture of each person’s material and non-material contributions to the marriage to determine who is legally entitled to what property and support when the marriage is over.

Understanding the court’s perspective is vital to formulating a legal plan for your divorce. For example, if lower support payments are a better match for your lifestyle, then relinquishing ownership of certain large assets may help justify lowered spousal support obligations.

Our attorneys will help you itemize and prioritize your assets to formulate a divorce strategy to meet your legal and financial needs.

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